Podcast #63: Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Clyde Common

Podcast #63: Cocktail technique & bar behavior – Interview with Jeffrey Morgenthaler

How to drink and mix properly Cocktail technique & bar behavior

„The only trend I want to see in 2019 and ever: More people making better drinks more often.“ – There is one person, who has already contributed a lot to make this glass-fulfilling goal come true: Two books, hundreds of articles and blog-posts, videos, recipes and – of course – really good drinks in the best bars of our whole and holy cocktail cosmos. And, you can definitely say, that there are just a few people in our business, who develop the bar world in such a worthy, helpful, educational and entertaining way like him: The one and only Jeffrey Morgenthaler. 

Now working as a bar manager of the cocktail bar & restaurant „Clyde Common“ in Portland Oregon, Jeffrey made and shaked his way already through many pubs and bars – driven by his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his ability to look behind common bar-traditions and techniques, never stopping to question and develop them. This year Jeffrey’s second book „Drinking Distilled – A User’s Manual“ was published and – to celebrate this amazing book in particular, Jeffrey himself in general and this Christmas podcast in addition, No cheers. No story. is more than happy to welcome Jeff in this (now) shiny episode.

Beginning with his first book „The Bar Book – Elements Of Cocktail Technique“ Jeffrey explains in the interview, why too many tools and toys can be a danger for being creative and what you really need to make an objectively great drink. Jeffrey talks about his own experiences, challenges and mistakes as a young barman. In addition tells some fun stories about crazy guests and drinking-situations and explains, why he wanted to write a cocktail book, that features everything, but cocktail recipes. So his new „Drinking Distilled – A User’s Manual“ is all about bar behavior and (until now) unwritten rules, that are important for bartenders and guests. Besides that, Jeffrey shares so many high-proofed thoughts, helpful experiences and – well – humorous wisdom, that this interview is definitely a big Christmas present for all of us and an enrichment for a motivated start into 2019. And… of course, Jeffrey tells you WHAT and HOW to drink during the holidays!

Learn from Jeffrey Morgenthaler…

  • … why you should question everything, before you take it for granted. 
  • … why fancy equipment is not enough to make great cocktails. 
  • … what the 3 things are, that make an objectively (!) great drink.
  • … why a sexy cocktail-pic on instagram doesn’t make you a good bartender. 
  • … which soft skills are important behind and in front of the bar.
  • … how you build and lead a team successfully. 
  • … what drinking rules you should definitely know as bartender and guest.
  • … what and how you drink at Christmas!

Additionally, I’m talking with Jeffrey about bizarre „Old Fashioned“-orders at brunch-time, Brosé-drinking idiots, Jeffrey’s „new“ non alcoholic beer import-company, psychopaths with „Bloody Mary“ and Eggnog all (holli)day! 

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Happy listening and holiday-sipping! Stay thirsty and cheers!

This podcast episode is in English!


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Podcast #63: Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Clyde Common, Eggnog
Credit: Jeffrey Morgenthaler (wohooo!)

Eggnog by Jeffrey Morgenthaler 

Makes 8 servings (each 5 oz)!

4 large eggs

3/4 cup superfine or baker’s sugar

4 oz añejo tequila

5 oz amontillado sherry

12 oz whole milk

8 oz heavy cream

1 whole nutmeg

In a blender or stand mixer on low speed, blend the eggs until smooth. With the blender running, slowly add the sugar until it is completely incorporated and has dissolved, and then slowly add the tequila, sherry, milk, and cream. Transfer to punch bowl, cover and refrigerate until cold. Serve in the chilled cups. Dust with freshly grated nutmeg before serving.


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